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Avec Bois is the best manufacturer of furniture in Noida. Our furniture is made from the finest quality materials and is designed to last for years. Our range of furniture includes dining tables, chairs, sofas, beds, wardrobes, cabinets, and more. All of our furniture is crafted with precision and attention to detail. The designs are modern and stylish, and the materials used are of the highest quality. The furniture from Avec Bois is designed to be comfortable and durable. The materials used are carefully chosen to ensure the furniture is solid and long-lasting. The furniture is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with various colours and finishes available. 


Things to consider when buying furniture

  • Quality: Make sure to check the quality of the furniture before buying it. Look for sturdy construction and materials that will last. 

  • Comfort: Consider how comfortable the furniture will be to use. Make sure it is the right size and shape for your needs. 

  • Price: Set a budget and stick to it. Don't be tempted to buy something too expensive for your budget. 

  • Style: Choose furniture that fits in with your existing decor and style. 

  • Maintenance: Consider how much maintenance the furniture will require. Some materials may require more care than others.


Avec Bois has been in the business for over a decade and has established itself as a prominent furniture supplier in  Greater Noida. The customer service at Avec Bois is excellent. We are always willing to answer any questions and provide helpful advice. With Avec Bois, you can be sure you are getting the best furniture for your home.